What is Run Jump Throw Wheel?

Children who learn fundamental running, jumping and throwing movement skills through track and field acquire a strong foundation for success in all other sports and physical activities. To help prepare them for a lifetime of excellence and diversity in active living, our lessons will provide a fun and active learning environment, individual progress reports and positive reinforcement, development of running, jumping and throwing skills in age appropriate progressions, improvement with physical and emotional well-being and a safe and certified instruction.

New Glasgow Group



Ann Findlay

Deelle Hynes

Run Jump Throw Wheel (Ages 5-9)

New 8 week program will be beginning in March.

Please visit this site again for more information and updates.


8 week winter program $60

Summer program $60

Second Child registered $50

Third child $45

Team shirt $10

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Pictou Group

Information coming soon.

Please check back later.

Coach: Gena Henderson


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